We are not open, not like that. We are on lockdown!

But we are open, us, local councillors and every single other community organisation/charity that we know.

We have all adapted quickly; phoning, zooming, learning, guiding and working hard to get stuff to those that we know need it the most.

We are digitally connecting, playing football tournaments, drumming, dancing and learning online.

There is loads of spontaneous volunteering and lots of love being passed around (not too closely) but it is being passed around in each of those good deeds.

There has been death, everyone we speak to knows of someone. The level of that will be felt.

There has been total loss of income, overnight. No chance of Furlough because some of us do not have those kind of work contracts in place.

There has been domestic violence.

There is a community caring and talking to one another like never before.

It has become apparent that some children have a lot more on their plates then we realised.

There are all the barriers that are always here for our communities, Covid19 is just another one of them. But we are a tough bunch, we know how to deal with these barriers, no time for melt downs or over-dramatic response.

These barriers are also the making of us, the hard stuff often gives us a whole lot more than those that have not had to face the stuff we have had to.

Our community carries on and the organisations and people supporting the community, we carry on, another day, another barrier.