Kids Kreate!

Art makes children happy because they find their Selves and their Power. Kids are the best Artists!

Kids Kreate is a free Art Club for kids age 5-11 in Brixton, South London at three weekly venues. Being free of cost ensures there are never any money worries for the families.

Many children no longer receive any form of art education in their school curriculum. Kids Kreate the art, fun and space out of school for them because art matters.

Confidence, imagination, creativity, esteem, social and technical skills grow well as every child is fully accepted, listened to and given help by our Volunteers every week. Our job is to support them, showing them how to make what they want to. Supplies in place for a project or task, their personalities shine over time and we fully encourage all their ideas.

Art makes children Powerful. It is so important as their lives can be difficult and challenging. We give them a way to be their lovely selves. It is so good to see them progress, they form a strong team together whether they are regular or new to our Art Club.

The creative brain is calm, concentrates and brings a sense of peace. We often hear kids are doing better in school and creating at home, how wonderful is that!

Knowing that art brings happiness and freedom of thought and expression means children are likely to continue creating throughout their lives. That is what Kids Kreate is all about.